About Ye

Ye Huang, born in 1998 in Shenzhen China. Clarinetist, Saxophonist, and composer. Ye is an enthusiastic young man who plays music across classical, jazz, pop and many genres. He started playing clarinet at the age of 9, studied with his mentor Yi Cheng, principal clarinetist of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. At age 12, He was admitted by Juilliard Pre-College, with clarinet professor Alan Kay and jazz with Ron Blake. He is now attending New England Conservatory for both jazz performance major with Jerry Bergonzi. He is an Backun Clarinet artist.

Ye started his career as a musician at very young age. In July 2012, he had his first performance with the Australian and Hong Kong professional musicians in the Poly Theater in Shenzhen. Successfully performed "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Jazz Night". On December 2013, He had his first classical solo concert in Paul Hall, Juilliard. On January 10, 2015, Ye performed the "Ye Huang's Suite,” seven movements of his work at the Juilliard Morse Hall, and recorded in the Juilliard School of Music. In the summer of 2013, 2014 and 2015, he organized solo jazz tours, especially in 2015 he with several elite American Jazz musician, Bryan Carter, Emmet Cohen, Alex Claffy. They formed the "New York Youngster Jazz Quartet,” and toured of all over China in summer. On May 2016, he was invited by his teacher Eddie Daniels to tour in China as the guest clarinetist.                                                                                                                                       

Ye Huang attended the well-known LaGuardia Performing Arts High School in New York. During the high school years, he joined the school’s orchestra and jazz big band for both clarinet and saxophone. In 2014, by selecting he was admitted to Lincoln Center youth orchestra. In 2016 Charles Mingus Big band competition they won the first place.                                                                                                                                        

He often played with different bands and many places in New York, such as in Dizzy’s club, Jazz Standard, Blue Notes, Metropolitan museum and many; In 2013, he participated in high school production of the musical "Grease,” had eight consecutive performances as the lead reed player. He also played the clarinet recording of the musical “The Winter of April” in New York City in 2014 and had several performances at Tabula Rasa NYC Theater. He won the best solo artist award twice for the Duke Ellington regional competition with his high school Jazz Band in 2015-2016 and won the Music of the Year award in 2015. On June 2016, he graduated from high school, at the same time he received "Creative Music" and

"A&F William Feinberg Music Award" two awards. Ye Huang was one of the directors and performers who organized a memorial to Martin Luther King concert, and twice interviewed by the United States ABC television. In 2016, he was selected as the finalist in Backun international clarinet competition 2017(classical).                                                                                                           

Ye was invited by the famous trumpeter Arturo Sandoval in April 2017 for a 20-day China tour. After that, he continued to perform with the bands in Blue Notes in New York with Arturo. In June 2017, Ye served as guest performer and interpreter for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Eurasia tour in China. He also shared the stage with trumpeter and educator Wynton Marsalis. In March 2019, He once again toured with Jazz at Lincoln Center, and earned a lot or praises from the band and Wynton Marsalis.                                                                                                           

In March 30th, 2019, Ye Huang released his first Fusion Jazz Album with his band Nextgen Jazz Quartet, entitled “Starlight”. It has 12 songs and features 4 of Ye’s original compositions. The song “Slavic Blues” was widely praised and featured on many blogs.                                                                                         

In June 2019, He is going to tour China with Guitarist Mike Stern and Drummer Dave Weckl and Bassist Tom Kennedy. Ye is going to join the band as lead saxophonist.

Ye Huang said he was born for music. His potential is not only to transcend classic, jazz, and other musical styles but to dedicate himself to music and creation. He is going to complete two more cross-styled albums in 2019. We shall wait and see.

黄野,一位独一无二,全能型音乐家--听他的音乐,如一首叙事曲娓娓道来,优美旋律引入这般 画篇,进而如海浪般层层推进,高潮迭起,最后消弭至静,令人回味,释然...

黄野 - Ye Huang, 1998年出生于中国深圳, 演奏单簧管、萨克斯、钢琴以及作曲,9岁起跟深圳交响乐团单簧管首席衣丞相学习单簧管演奏, 11岁移居美国纽约后跟茱莉亚音乐学院Alan Kay学习单簧管演奏。现就读于美国顶尖音乐学院 New England Conservatory大四, 主修古典及 爵士演奏, 师从于大师Jerry Bergonzi, Miguel Zenon, Donny McCaslin等。黄野在2019年成为最年轻的巴昆黑管(Backun)艺人.

黄野曾在著名的音乐高中LaGuardia Performing Arts High School 以及茱莉音乐学院亚预科Juilliard School pre-college就读, 并考入林肯中心爵士少年团,期间赢得过Ellington competition乐团第一名以及Charles Mingus Competition和数次最佳solo演奏奖. 其演奏足迹遍布纽约各地,如林肯中心, Dizzy’s club, Jazz Standard, Blue Note, Metropolitan 以及各大音乐厅等。

黄野年仅12岁登台与世界级顶尖大使及乐团演奏并巡演,如 New York Youngster Jazz Quartet, 并担任萨克斯手,2017及2019年, 与传奇大师Arturo Sandoval, Eddie Daniels 乐队以及与 Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra & Wynton Marsalis 展开跨国巡演等;

2018年4至5月, 与世界著名打击乐大师 Dave Weckl ,格莱美融合吉他大师Mike Stern以及被誉为世界最快的贝斯大师Tom Kennedy四重奏完成了跨国巡演,(包括香港、上海爵士音乐节和深圳国际打击音乐节),音乐会大获成功。

2018年7月领导了新英格兰音乐学院四重奏巡演,创造了各地票房收入最高的记录; 2018年8月与 林肯中心爵士乐团贝斯手Carlos Henriquez五重奏巡演。2019年6月黄野将继续跟鼓王Dave Weckl以及吉他大师Mike Stern巡演。

同时,黄野也是创作型人才,其第一张专辑“Starlight”已经完成,融合古典、爵士、拉丁、 嘻哈、摇滚等多种风格,创作是黄野最有兴趣的事情,就像演奏一样,他的作品吸收了所有最美的音乐元素,其最近发行的歌曲 “Slavic Blues”,“Save a little” 等作品在美国市场大获观众喜爱,单曲超过百万试听量,期待将来他有更多的作品带给观众。